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Old 12-16-2000, 12:10 PM
AMERICAN PSYCHO"not one interesting character in the whole movie"!WHAT!!!!this movie was rather good,and Patrick Bateman was one of the more interesting characters to come about in awhile..he was very interesting to say the least!!

PEOPLE UNDER THE real action or suspense..just a stupid ass movie!!
IKWYDLS-i cant understand why you guys say these are BAD horror movies..i mean,they arent the best,but they are solid movies..

TCM 2 was the most horrible and embarrassing sequel ever made!!it ruined the whole concept of Leatherface and the redneck family..they turned it into a comedy..i truly hate this movie!!!

LEPRECHAUN 1 was a good movie..they could have went somewhere with this series,but they didnt..i watched parts 4 and 5 and damn,why did they even bother to make these movies??its not like they made any money!!!a Leprechaun movie with gangsters sounded interesting,but it was so awfully pointless,i couldnt watch the whole thing...
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