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Clown at Midnight? Bad? Nah, dude, cheap, but not bad. How bad can a movie be when you kill Lois Lane?

Here in no particular order and have probably been repeated, but this is my personal list (and I probably own some of these)

Devil Rider, Ghoulies 3, Curse of the Puppetmaster, Shrieker, Ragdoll, Jack Frost, Bloody Murder, Ice Cream Man (though I like the freaky Clint Howard), Proteus, Hellraiser 3, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, Faculty, Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood, The Supernaturals, Friday 8, Halloween 5, Turbulence, Village of the Damned, (wow, I look at my collection and I have a lot of these) I Know..., I Still Know..., Urban Legend 1, 2, Critters 3,4, The Mangler (along with a lot of other Stephen King crappers), Leprechaun 5, TCM 2,3, Frogs (FROGS! jeez), Milo, Atomic Dawg, Don't Go into the Woods, etc etc

I like bad movies a lot, but even some of this stuff I can't watch.
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