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Does anyone hear realize that The Toxic Avenger and Troma films in general are MEANT
to be cheesy? Common sense should kick in just looking at the box for it.
As for bad HORROR films, theres a million but these ten come to mind:
1- Lady Of The Lake (it took years to come up with this crap?)
2- Redneck Zombies (Troma-released but not made by them. shot with a camcorder in some retards back yard)
3- The Stendahl Syndrome (what happened to Argento?)
4- Revenge of the Dead (super boring Italian "zombie" flick)
5- The Blair Witch Project (pseudo-artistic boring baloney!)
6- Sleepaway Camp (rent only to destroy)
7- Torso (what friggin torso?!?)
8- Zombie Lake (flush this baby down the toilet)
9- The People Under The Stairs (along with all Craven dookie bombs between Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream)
10- anything Hollywood produces and calls "horror"
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