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The Omen?Bad?

its a classic film. A great movie. how can anyone badmouth that?
the second and fourth omens are really bad though.

The original would be an example of a good horror film. you want bad, here's bad.

-almost any A-pic film. My god, i saw one called werewolf and it made me sick. That cheap holographic cover must have cost more than the movie. Not that i have anything against low budget movies. I love low budget films, if they're GOOD.

- Leprechaun movies. i dont care for any of them. I'll watch the first one. Jennifer aniston makes it a little easier. $ was without a doubt the worst movie i have ever seen.

-the exorcist II. I hate this movie(dosnt everyone?). At least one good thing came from it, Exorcist three was good. James Earl jones in a grasshopper suit?

-The haunting(1999). Oh man, how can they ruin such a good movie with this peice of shit. The original has to be one of the greatest(and one of my favorite) horror films of all time. And then there was the re-make...oh god it was aweful.

there arent very many horror films that i hate. i dislike quite a few. I can think of a lot of bad movies, just not at the time.

anybody ever notice that the shape of horror movies had went down since scream came out?

What ever happened to good movies like Dead-Alive or the evil dead?

Where have all the horror movies gone?

not into a candy bar, i can tell you that.
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