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Old 07-24-2001, 02:10 PM
The exorcist II was funny, but how could they make such a bad sequel to a great horror film like that?

I didnt think anyone else has heard of the killing jar.
My local video sucks, they have movies that nobody has heard of. Wow, its good to hear that crappy movies like that exsist everywhere.
I thought the toxic avenger sucked too.

another baddie is "eyes of fire"

i watched 10 miniutes and that was enough.
or the movie "witchery" with Linda Blair and David Hasslehoff. That was terrible.

the i know what you did last summer films are bad, as well as the 3rd scream.

-an american werewolf in Paris is on my bad list as well, It had almost nothing to do with an american werewolf in london. Besides, the werewolves looked so fake.
-texas chainsaw 2-4 where just aweful. two was good for a laugh though.
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