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The Reflecting Skin is haunting and worth the find. Very dark, and Viggo Mortenson makes an early performance superb. No other film would use a fetus as a companion for a boy.
The Dark Backward, starring Judd Nelson. A disgusting film. Nelson grows a third arm, and tells bad jokes, but a gem because it is so unapologetically gross.
SUPERSTITION, about a haunted, chrurch owned house. James Houghton is a cute, hetero priest who must put the witch back into her resting place. Creepy, gory, with unlikeable characters(who only add to the ominous feel). Seek it out.
INCUBUS, by James Hough, starring John Cassavettes. Another creepy, sleazy horror unafraid to revel in its themes. The ending is killer, and its a disturbing pick for a Friday night.For women, the movie might be more gruesome.
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