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Originally posted by Grebdron
I suppose I like her better than J Lo or Penelope Cruz. But that's not saying much. I think Rita Moreno is probably more of a Hispanic female role model.

I do think it's ballsy for her to take on the role of Frida Kahlo, as Frida was an excessively ugly woman. Very talented, but severely unfortunate looking. I wonder if they'll ugly her up as much as necessary to be accurate. Moustache and all?
I saw a clip of her on a talk show she was on. They gave her a monobrow, which she talked about... she said Frida's romance was between a very hairy woman and a very fat man... but they didn't ugly her up, other than the monobrow.

Btw I'm not sure I think she is all that much of an actress... I mean I thought her dialogue in Dogma was poorly delivered... stilted. She is definately a hottie though.
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