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CountingDown.Com recently talked to Wayne Barlowe, a man working on pre-production art for PoA. The interviewer talked mostly about Hellboy, but one of the questions was about Potter....

CountingDown: We hear that your next project is doing preproduction art for the third Harry Potter movie Ė are you at liberty to talk about your work on that project so far?

Wayne Barlowe: No. (laughs) Itís an ongoing process, Iím enjoying working with the people in the UK, this is a new experience for me. I was over there two weeks back about... I met with the director and the production designer, they were both terrific guys. The guys that were already there, the two artists, are also extremely talented guys and I got along real well, and that was very pleasant. And now Iím back here, scanning my artwork in, feeling somewhat removed from the progress of it, but I think doing some very different work from what I did on Hellboy. But itís satisfying and itís a lot of fun, and I have to admit I hadnít read any of the Harry Potter stuff up until I worked on this, and itís a challenge, itís fun.
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