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Harry Potter MUST go back to Hogwarts. Loggie the Potter Elf says.

Well obviously many of you know how I feel about the Harry Potter films, and about this film.

About the Lee Topic- I am wary about Lee portraying Dumbledore. Obviously no one will ever do it like Harris did it. But still putting that fact behind me he doesn't seem like a match make in Heaven. But I am sure his is capable doing the role. I think it would be interesting.

Hopefully the troubled behind the scene's wont bring it upon into the movie. I am looking forward to it a whole lot

BTW, I have thought of an idea for a teaser poster. It could show Siruis Black's Dog, and lurking in the shawdow's we get a little glimpse of Black, and show his eyes to bring some evil. I could work, it could.
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