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i can't believe i didn't see this topic till now! okay, well, Katie Holmes... I adore her! i think she is sexy as hell, i don't really know why but she has this girl next door look and at the same time so beautifull. she looks good anywhere w/ anything on. As an actress I'm one of those who think she'll go on to win an oscar, i mean, many will disagree w/ me but, i think she has been very smart w/ many of her roles. Starting out w/ the critically aclaimed The Ice Storm she has been very selective w/ her work and her roles. To tell you the truth I got to know who she was with Go(one of my all time fav. movies) and after that i started to see the rest of her movies. Other than great movies like Go and The Ice Storm, she was in Wonder Boys and The Gift. Her acting in this last 2 impressed me, she was so natural and actually stood out considering she worked opposite actors like Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Cate Blanchet, Hillary Swank and Giovany Ribissi. Even in not so good movies she has done really good like in Teaching Mrs. Tingle and Disturbing Behavior. But her role in Abandon impressed me the most, 'cause even though the movie is not perfent and yeah, quite boring, she did and excellent job and i await promising future roles. Talking about the future, she has already 3 movies made coming out next year: The Singing Detective, Pieces of April and Phone Booth. All three already recieving glowing reviews and packed with talent. The Singing Detective starts Mel Gibson, Robin W. Penn and Robert Downey Jr. Pieces of April she costars w/ the upcoming Antwone Fisher actor. And well Phone Booth you all know. So just expect alot of Katie in the future.
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