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Re: Ben Affleck -sexy or not?

Originally posted by Tuukka
Maybe it just's because I'm a guy and I don't see it.
No, you're not wrong...I'm a girl, and I don't see it either. While I enjoyed his performance in "Pearl Harbor", the girls I saw the film with were drooling over him afterward. And they all thought I was nuts that I didn't think he was "the cutest thing next to kittens" (to quote one of my friends).

I'd never take People Magazine's advice on who's Sexiest...with them, it's a popularity contest. They should call it "Who's Most in the Media At The Moment". Ben's had a lot of good press lately, and that's why he got that award. Myself, I can think of a lot of other famous actors I'd rather shack up with than Mr. Affleck.
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