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The change in directors also could have a dramatic effect on the look and tone of the franchise. Although Cuaron has been lauded for his artistry, he has never shepherded a huge commercial success or directed a big-budget, complicated production with lots of visual effects. The first two "Potter" movies each cost about $140 million to make.

What the studio did see in Cuaron was his distinctive style and range. He directed this year's sexually explicit Spanish-language sleeper "Y Tu Mama Tambien," a coming-of-age story about two teenage boys who become intimate with the same older woman. On the other end of the spectrum, he directed Warner's visually enchanting but financially disappointing 1995 children's movie "A Little Princess," which is set in a New York girls' school.

Hmmm. I find this part interesting. A similar situation with the LOTR, PJ of course, was another virtually unknown director also with an unique style. I question whether WB will give Cuaron the degree of artistic freedom though, that PJ enjoyed.
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