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Originally posted by Mike
She was promoting THE NEW GUY along with DJ Qualls. He seemed nice but she was acting like it was such a chore to be there and sign autographs. It's no wonder why she's so good at playing bitches, she is one.
Uhh...I think any actress would be ashamed and kinda in a foul mood to be promoting another shitty teen movie. She probably did The New Guy just for the money. But one things for sure, she aint a bitch.

Getting back to the subject:

Originally posted by Mike
How anyone could not find this attractive is beyond me. She's enough to get straight girls and gay guys to switch teams.
Sorry bud, that'd be Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Asia Argento, and Jennifer Connelly. Arrow and JoBlo will back me up on that one. Faris is pretty damn gorgeous though. I didn't know she was natural blonde.

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