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Originally posted by bowieee

I'm speechless. I really am. This song was so beautiful. It caught me completely off guard. I'm setting up to replay as I type this. It's like a dreamy poem sung by the perfect voice for this song. This is seriously going to sit itself down in my play list for quite some time. AND IF ANYONE ELSE IS READING THIS download this song. Trust me its beautiful. Thanks for the pick this became an instant favorite.

Some mellow grooves for the next pick:

Blonde Redhead

In Particular
I thought you might like it. It's one of my favorite songs of all time. You can actually just imagine that it is the song the Sirens sang in 'The Odyssey', can't you? When I graduated, we had my party at a friends house who lives in the country nestled in a valley. We turned it up all the way (the stereo was outside) and everyone just sat in silence w/ a lump in their throat listening to this ethereal tune echoing through those mountains. A memory like none other.

I'll let somebody else tag this one. I have to scat. But I'll be checking in later. I LOVE this game, bowiee.
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