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Ooooh not the EASIEST song to track down...

I liked this immediately, itís right up my streetÖa slightly brooding (but jaunty) country sound with a bit of a twist. His voice is extremely pleasant, and I didnít expect to hear any naughty words, but alasÖItís only the bloody F-word, always a bonus in my book!!! Itís short and sweet and Iíd definitely like to hear more of these kids. This is the sort of folksy/country stuff that Bowieee might even dig...It's not quite as depressing as Gram, and there is absolutely no mention of pick-up trucks breaking down, spouses leaving, and dogs dying.

Thanking you kindly Psycho!!!

Okey dokey...I know a few people know this one but here we go...

Artist - Manic Street Preachers

Song - If White America told the truth for one day its world would fall apart.
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