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Originally posted by Psychocandy
Concrete Blonde - In Particular

A good song. I had to listen to it three times to decide whether I liked it or not. Full of hand claps and wobbly rhythms with vocals that start out quite shrill and finish up breathy. I've actually been meaning to check this band out for a number of years. I remember reading a lot of positive reviews in NME & Melody Maker back when the eighties gave birth to the nineties. If I could say one bad thing about the song it would be that it perhaps outstays it's welcome at over five minutes. Just slightly though and it didn't affect my enjoyment one bit. Nice one Bowiee. I'll be sure to download a few more tracks from Concrete Blonde in the near future.

My choice...

Band - The Handsome Family

Track - My Ghost
I'm confused. The track called In Particular was by Blonde Redhead, right? Not Concrete Blonde. Especially seeing the description of the doesnt sound like Concrete Blonde. Concrete Blonde is a Gothic , female led (the amazing Jenette Napalitano) rock band from the 80's and 90's. Hits were 'Joey' and 'Caroline'.
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