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well i have not really heard that much of this band so have not really been able to form much of an opinion,but this is a nice relaxing mellow tune,he has a really distinctive voice that really suits the song although it will take a few listens to,to really make out a lot of the lyrics but what you can make out is really good.
the music is very good too a few twists and changes in their and the sax solo near the end is really nice,you just dont get much sax these days in music and it is a great instrument in the right tune.perfect fodder for sitting around reading the papers and having playing in the background.the vertion i am listening to is a live one so that is a bonus too,the guy can really sing his stuff.

ok i have been trying to push my fave bands on people in here(if bcv can push pulp,then i am pushin the roses) so here's another of their's,this one is very unlike anything else they have done and the guitar solo at the end is the best i have ever heard live.

so here it is
the stone roses-i am the resurrection
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