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Ok played catch up just to see all the new music everyone has put out there.

Whippin, Gomez. I really like this song. It's unique and catchy. It is making its way to my play list for awhile!

What Jail is like, Afghan Whigs. Nice Guitars and a voice screeching above the warbles and crashes that all comes together into one very enjoyable package. Especially like the piano pounding away in the background. Adds that special touch.

A Case of You, Joni Mitchel. Joni, Joni, Joni. What a voice. It's like a bird singing to you about all the beautiful things its seen. Plus the song mentions Canada. I'm a big fan of Canada so that automatically qualifies this one for an A in my book.

I am the Ressurection, Stone Roses.
This sounds kind of like belle and sebastian yet not. A charming little song that makes me wish for sunny days and a big grassy field to lay in and listen to it to.

Taste the Pain, RHCP. Ah RHCP. One of the best bands I have ever seen live. Watching flea hitting his base as john wails on his guitar and anthony crooning into the mic is close to a heavenly experience. This is a classic song with a funk filled backbone and good lyrics. Anthony is a excellent lyricst and alot of people over look that for the funk and I think thats a shame.

Deacon Blue, Dignity. This song sounds like a cooler solo paul simon. Very mellow yet the singer comes across with a presense that made me wan to listen closer to what he wanted to say. A perfect driving up into the mountains song.

Little green Bag, George Baker: Where are my sunglasses when i need them. Reminded me to wash the blood off my black suit
Anyways a classic song that could bring the cool out of even richard simmons.
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