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Final Destination 2

**Some minor spoilers throughout**

Man, where do I even begin with this review? How about I start by saying this movie kicked ass. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and was even startled a few times. Itís also nice to know that there are still people out there with the balls to make a bloody, gory and violent movie. This isnít toned down like They or Darkness Falls. This is a movie that doesnít pull any punches and I loved every minute of it.

So, Iím sure every pretty much knows the plot already. While on her way to Daytona Beach with her friends, Kimberly, played by A.J. Cook, has a vision of a huge, bloody car crash. Terrified of the events about to unfold she stops her car, thus saving herself and several other people. Just like the first film, this screws up the way death has worked things out. Now death is out to get all the survivors and heís not playing around. Helping out is Clear, the sole remaining survivor from the first film. A rather weak explanation is given for Alexís character.

Boy did this movie ever take me by surprise. I have seen the original once and thought it was pretty good but not great. Therefore, I havenít been too interested in seeing this one. However, the previews looked good so I went ahead and gave it a chance this afternoon. Am I ever glad I did. This movie kicks so much ass. From the opening car crash I was hooked. And let me just say this about the car crash. That scene was one of the most realistic, scary, and bloody car crashes that I have ever seen put to film. That scene along was worth the price of admission. Also, each and every time that death finally got to someone I was surprised by the ingenuity put behind the method. These are some classic, well-thought out death scenes people. I havenít seen stuff like this since the 80s. Almost each death surprised me more than the last.

Now, I wouldnít say that this is a very scary movie. There were a few times that I cringed and one time that my heart jumped by thatís about it. This movie is more about fun than being scary. I will admit, however, that I found myself paying extra careful attention to what other motoristís were doing on my way home. You can never be too careful.

The acting was ok in the movie but nothing special. Ali Larter, reprising her role from the original, played the paranoid pretty well. Iíve never seen A.J. Cook in anything before but she did alright as the main heroine. The one person I did like was Michael Landes as the cop. I thought he did a decent job.

The one thing, well thereís actually many things, that I loved about this movie is the way death is presented. Things start to happen and you think youíve figured out how deathís going to get someone but then it goes a different route. I love how paranoid the characters got and how everything was shown as being a potential tool for murder. Really, makes you pay close attention to your surroundings.

Like Iíve been saying this is a great movie. Possibly one of the best times Iíve ever had watching a horror movie. This is a fun, exciting, and entertaining movie. Itís too bad all movies canít be this much fun.

Final Score Ė 9/10
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