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Johnny Depp: One of the most talented and diverse actors out there. He easily handles the mainstream pictures, but it is choices in the less obvious type of films that have cemented his career.

Edward Norton: He's always impressed me in his roles, specifically "Fight Club", "Everyone Says I Love You" and "Primal Fear". I have heard that he isn't exactly the nicest person off screen, but that hans't affected my opinion of him as a decent and underrated actor. Plus his girlfriend is goregeous to boot.

Tom Cruise: Has his good days and his bad days in reagrds to cinema. His divorce from Nicole Kidman onto his dating Penelope Cruz made him the bad guy of that breakup, but you can't deny he's talented. "Vanilla Sky" wasn't that great, but "Minority Report" made up for it. Roles in films like "Far and Away"and "Days Of Thunder" aren't much to write home about, whereas "Jerry maguire" and "Interview With The Vampire" really showed his determination and diversity.

Brad Pitt: There's no denying the fact that Mr Pitt will always be considered one of Hollywood's sexiest actors, but thankfully he's got the talent to back him up. From the quiet, unnoticed role of Death in "Meet Joe Black" to the crazy turn in "12 Monkeys", Pitt has strived in trying all things. "Kalifornia", "True Romance" and "Thelma and Louise" are the kind of films he probably won't dabble in much anymore, but at least he has impressive and different films like that on his resume and "Ocean's Eleven" really showed off why he's such a popular entertainer. As well, I think Pitt's appeal is also due to his down to earth persona that he pus across. And his wife is a hottie.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Roles in films like "Titanic" and "The Beach" didn't do him much justice, after really showing his acting talents in underrated gems "The Basketball Diaries" and "This Boy's Life". His turn in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" proved he's more than just a pretty boy and thankfully he didn't disappoint in "Catch Me If You Can", cashing in on his young looks, and "Gangs Of New York".

Tobey Maguire: Magure was the kind of actor that slipped under the radar. "The Ice Storm" and "The Wonder Boys" were critically acclaimed, but Magure was never the main focus, but now with his unlikely, but impressivley executed role in "Spider-Man", Maguire is likely to become a major Hollywood star.
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