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I'm inclined to agree with BCV on Liam Neeson. He's a tall guy, and rather broad-shouldered- it would be disproportionate if he was diminuitive. I'm biased, but I always presume that Liam's co-star and bestest buddy Ralph Fiennes is well-endowed. I was hideously disappointed to discover that he had been pixellated in that scene where he runs around au natural in Red Dragon.

This thread reminds me of a quote from Joaquin Phoenix on the making of Quills:

Face Magazine: Nude actors: Geoffrey Rush or Kate Winslet?

Joaquin Phoenix: 'Well, Winslet. But that's because it's difficult working with this fucking moose swinging right next to you. And there are a couple of scenes in Quills where I didn't quite get there - I blame Geoffrey Rush's cock.'
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