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1. Edward Norton 10/10

The most complete young actor I have seen -except Red Dragon - since Bob DeNiro in Mean Streets.
2. Brad Pitt 8/10

Personally, I think he is great but has offered us some truly crud performances - Meet Joe Black being totally excerable)

3. Johnny Depp 6/10

Can't stick him or his movies - Ed Wood being one of the few I have nearly changed my opinion on.

4. Leonardo Dicaprio 9/10

Whether you like him or not, the boy can act and then some. Ignore Titanic and the cult of his celebrity and you have a great little performer.

5. Tobey Maguire 7/10

Over-rated but likeable. The Ice Storm and Wonder Boys are great movies, but Tobey, in such esteemed company, is over-shadowed at present. Give it a few years. Give him a few scars.

6. Tom Cruise 8/10

Matinee idol. Therefore, sometimes he does not appear to be very versatile. Recent changes in his output have seen me liking the actor a whole lot more (I have absolutely none of his early output).

Looks wise, I am not impressed with any of them to a degree where I could say, 'yeah, gotta admit he's gorgeous'. Tom Cruise looked fantastic in Magnolia and, though it sucks ass, MI:2. Brad Pitt has some fantastic 'looks' sometimes, other times he is quite ugly (I thought so in Fight Club and Spy Game).

If I were gay, I would go for Tobey Maguire. He looks like he would be gentle enough. Heh-heh. I think I have thought about this topic too closely. Nevermind.
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