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1.Edward Norton 9/10 (Needs to get his act together mind)
2.Johnny Depp 8.5/10 (Quite awesome when he nails it)
3.Leonardo DiCaprio 8.5/10 (Superb, shame about Titanic)
4.Brad Pitt 8/10 (Underrated in many ways)
5.Tobey Maguire 6/10 (Mediocre, but decent enough)
6.Tom Cruise 5/10 (I've never been partial, but I can tolerate him in most decent films)

1.Johnny Depp 9/10 (In his prime...flawless)
2.Edward Norton 8/10 (The looks and charisma go hand in hand)
3.Brad Pitt 7.5/10 (Pretty boy, but can look rough as a badger's arse)
4.Leonardo DiCaprio 7/10 (Beautiful in his youth, looking a bit ropey nowadays)
5.Tobey Maguire 5/10 (Doesn't do anything for me)
6.Tom Cruise 3/10 (I wouldn't touch him with yours)
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