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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Fettdog:
Just picked up The Omen box set.

The first film is still a masterpiece, and worth the asking price for the commentary by Richard Donner - I'm going to pick up Superman on the strength of his commentary - the best I've heard so far (and I've got close to 50 DVDs).

A couple of good documentaries too, but haven't listened to the commentaries on Damien or The Final Conflict yet - will repor back once I have.
The Superman Commentary with Donner and Tom Mankewitz(I forget the spelling) is absolutely as entertaining as the movie. Some of the stuff is hilarious. It's great to listen to two old guys reminisce about making the movie. The extras on that disc are superb too. You'll know everything about superman by the time you get through all the extras.

Anyway, I own exactly 45 dvd's since February of 98', and I consider that good because I haven't always had a job, and I'm very particular about the ones I buy.
Most recent 5:
Close Encounters(GREAT!!)
Cast Away(GREAT)
Crouching Tiger(GREAT)
Pay it Forward(Disappointing)