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Old 09-29-2001, 11:51 AM
I got 89 dvds total and my most recent purchases were kick ass super deals. "Night of the Living Dead," (original) for only $5 at K-Mart. It has a great transfer for what the price and packaging, nothing special on it, but hey, $5 is worth it. Also got "Idle Hands" for $9.99 at K-mart also. I thought the movie was okay. Reason I got it was for the features. It has a commentary track that includes Seth Green, which has to be funny as hell. And I picked up "A Knight's Tale" for $16.99 at Best Buy (greatest store on earth). Advice for people who don't know: Go out a buy your new release dvds at Best Buy the first week, 'cuz they have the greatest prices. Also check at your local K-mart for kick-ass deals.