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A Great Big YAY

After seeing her in "GoldenEye" (esp. the way she goes nuts with the machine gun in the lab and 'enjoys' the experience), Xenia Onatop became my all-time fave Bond baddie and I've admired every one of Famke's performances since. She rocked in "Made", where she played a heartless mother and private dancer who breaks Jon Favreau's heart.

I've always had a question about her (well, about Dutch actors in general); why is it when celebs from Holland/The Netherlands learn English to further their career overseas, they sound like US natives who've been speaking English all their lives, as a first language? Just listen to fellow Nederlander Rutger Hauer, in his first English-speaking role he sounded just like a Yank. Is there something about the Dutch & English languages that's similar? Stupid question, I know, but I've always wondered. Maybe there are some European schmoes out there who can help me.
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