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According to a police report Luger had bottles of Steroids some are legal in the U.S. others you need a prescription, painkillers, and 98 pills of Xanex an anti-anxiety drug. Plus there were 210 tablets of Dianabol a steroid that is no longer legally distrubited in the U.S., 361 tablets of carisoprodol, a sedative; and five pills of hydrocodone bitartrate, a painkiller six times as strong as codeine that more commonly is known as Vicadin.

Plus according to rumors expect Austin to re-hire Jim Ross, and Lita tonight and un-suspend the Dudleys, and he also spoke about bringing back a belt on an internet web show I think it was the WWE Byte This which could very well be the I-C title.

There are articles on the internet stating that Jeff Hardy failed a drug test and the WWE wanted Jeff to check into a re-hab which he refused and the WWE released him.

Speaking of RAW all of us Canadians will have to wait untill tomorrow for RAW unless anybody feels like staying up until 5:30-6:00 because of the Dallas-Anaheim game tonight which will be followed by the Canada-Russia repeat which will then be followed by RAW

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