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I concede the fact that I don't know people inside and out. I also concede the fact that some people are like this. But, I can in no way concede to the opinion that this is what real life is like. This was one my major problem with this movie. It made itself out to be something that it wasn't. It presented itself as some monumental movie about college kids and about relationships between these messed up college kids. I know for a fact that college is not like this. There are good people in college, and there are people who have self control and aren't self-centered, and they're not all sucidial as this movie would have you believe.

That is what I got from this movie, I know that there are cases where this is what life is like, but they are not as prominent as what The Rules of Attraction makes its out to be. This movie was pretentiousness at its best, if that's possible.

Not everyone in the movie was suicidal, only two. But I think most people have thought about it and/or tried it AT LEAST once in their life. I know a lot of people who have, and if someone says they haven't then they are probably lying, because they've most likely at least thought about it.

And you are saying that college isn't like they show it in the movie. Well, maybe some colleges are different, and maybe college was like this in the 80's. Avary said that the movie isn't supposed to take place in the present or in the 80's, but he wanted it to be able to be taken either way. Since the book was written in the 80's and that's when the story is supposed to take place, I think of it as taking place then more than now. But there's no real actual answer, it's kind of just a mix of then and now.
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