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Austin and Goldberg are the 2 biggest badasses ever. Its like a dream match. People thought Rock vs. Hogan would never happen and it did. Austin isnt completely done, he can do a few matches a year still, and in the Informer section of the recent issue of WWE magazine he hints at an Austin/Goldberg match at Summerslam. Last night was good, Stone Cold has become even more entertaining then he used to and he is quite funny now. Being a Bischoff hater like I am, its awesome to see him driving him insane. I like J.R. and King a ton more than Coach, but I dont think Coach had to be stunned like that. Austin coulda just said, 'Look, we got our announce team back, so your back on Heat again' instead of stunning him. I loved what he said to Morely though when Morely was all like "Yeah im not fired, right?" and Austin was just like "No your fired". Then when he was talking to Jericho and Y2J was like "so who is it, someone I can throw around and man handle?" and Austin says "Yeah it is" and Y2J says "Who is it" and he goes "Umm, Kevin Nash" and just walks away. Last night was definitely the best night in a long time, and I too wanted to see the fight between Trips and Nash got a lot longer than it did. I suppose they'll play off an angle with the dude who's car got stolen by Trips like they did that one time when Flair punched a "fan" and had him arrested. WWE has away of redoing the same story lines with just different people. Oh well.
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