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Well... first the return of the IC strap and now...

"Ultimo Dragon has signed with the WWE and will debut at the Judgement Day PPV!!!!"

Now... provided he doesn't get lost in the shuffle... which I feel he will... this is AWESOME!!! He's apparently gonna work a program with Rey. Whether this is tagging, or against, is unknown. Damn... could you imagine a 3 corner Tag Title Elimination match between Rey/Ultimo vs Los Guerreros vs Team Angle? FUCK YEA!!! Given at least 20min, this would EASILY be MOTY!!

For those who don't know who Ultimo Dragon is... SHAME ON YOU!!!

Morely would be better off on Smackdown since he can actually wrestle. He would be better off feuding with Benoit, or Rhyno, mix with some good wrestlers such as Eddie G or whoever else.
Couldn't agree more(ly) . Sean is a great technician, and has never really been used right as far as "in ring" work goes. There are some trades that can really boost things for both rosters...

Jericho, RVD, Helms, Morely, Storm from RAW to Smackdown.

Rikishi, Show, Taker, Hogan from Smackdown to RAW. This would keep the wrestlers, separated from the "entertainers". There are some guys that should be outright cut... (A-Train, Nathan Jones)... but that's another discussion.

They should also move the IC title to Smackdown, and reinstate the Hardcore title on RAW. That would give all the poor ex-ECW guys on the RAW roster, something to do.

My scenario would be...

Jericho wins the IC strap at Judgement Day PPV.
Goldberg is "given" the #1 contendership for the IC by Stone Cold on the following RAW.
Jericho/Goldberg juke and jibe each other for a month (Jericho can make it entertaining)
First RAW only PPV, Jericho vs Goldberg for the IC. Jericho wins thanks to Austin "screwing" Goldberg. (now, the fans will ultimately decide who's the heel after this... my vote, Goldberg would take that prize)
RAW after the PPV, Jericho "isn't scheduled" for the show.
Goldberg/Austin start their feud which would culminate at the next RAW only PPV, with Goldberg taking on Austins "hand picked replacement" the debuting Sting. Match ends in double DQ after Austin interferes (playing the heel... or at least trying). Can't have a clean finish til SummerSlam.
Meanwhile, on Smackdown...
Jericho shows up with the IC strap, saying "This belt has been around the waists of the best talent EEEEVER in the WWE. Myself being at the top of the list of course. Every other name that carried this belt with pride, is over here on Smackdown. So, the belt has come home where it belongs." (Benoit, Eddy, Edge, Angle)
Meanwhile, on RAW....
Austin/Goldberg/Sting heats up with Austin "paying" guys to attacck Goldberg at every chance. Dreamer, Dudleys, Al Snow, 3Min Warning, Rico, Goldust... and getting sick of the "odds", Bischoff decides to reinstate another title, this one will NEVER jump to Smackdown, and that's the Hardcore title. Anyone who wants it, will have to beat the newly crowned champ, Goldberg!!
Goldberg then defends the HC title 1-2times a week, never losing, leading up to SummerSlam.
RAW before SummerSlam, Goldberg decides that he's "done with the garbage belt, and is moving on to bigger things". He drops the title, and it's put on the line in a CLT (clit) match... Cell/Ladders/Tables. The one to get to the top of the cell, and retrive the title, is the new HC Champ.
Goldberg then announces that he's calling out HHH to put his title on the line at SummerSlam. HHH tells him to fuck himself, and walks away. Bischoff then uses HIS control to ORDER a match... Goldberg vs HHH vs Sting for the World Title at SummerSlam.

I would go on, but that's good for now.
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