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The WORST horror movie in the world!

Plan Nine From Outer Space.

Alien decides to take over the world by bringing the dead back to life.

This movie is so bad it's hillarious! Funny bits include:

Cops driving off in one car and arriving at their destination in a different car.

Durring scenes it changes from night to day and back again.

Actors knock over cardboard tombstones in phoney grave yards.

Bela Lugosi died after only fliming a couple of scenes(maybe out of embarassment?) so instead of editing his scenes out the director had the brilliant idea to have this dude come in and pretend to be Lugosi by covering the bottom half of his face. Unfortunatly, the replacement was too young and too tall.

P.S. Another baddy called The Creeping Terror is about a killer carpet-like creature who was propeled by a bunch of college students crawling underneath it.
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