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Originally posted by Mad Maggot
Leviathan by Paul Auster
Loved it! My favourite Auster novel along with The New York Trilogy and Timbuktu.

Today I finished FUTURE NOIR: The Making of Blade Runner. Wow, I'm really impressed... 500 pages about the events behind the scenes, the history of its re-release as a Director's Cut version, lots of facts about the critical reception etc. Sure, the book has some flaws (tends to fanboy style of writing at times and has shitloads of typos) but overall it's an interesting read for everyone who wants to know more about this groundbreaking film.

And I finished Cat's Cradle a couple of days ago... quirky Vonnegut style spiced up with some social criticism. It doesn't even come close to his masterpiece Slaughterhouse Five but is nonetheless one of his better novels. Highly recommended!

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