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Originally posted by AppleHuntr
I see what you mean, while ROA is still my fave of 2002, its flaws become more apparent with repeated viewings. I probably just watched it too much once it came out on DVD cuz I was desparate to see the movie I loved in theaters, and I grew a little tired of it, but I dont think I like it any less. And i know what you mean about those two scenes, (Fred Savage and Rupert) but those scenes bothered me in the theater too so it was no surprise i still didnt care for them too much on DVD. Still, I love the movie. 9/10
Yeah, I agree with you. After seeing it in theaters and LOVING the hell out of it, I couldn't wait to see it again on DVD. But with each viewing I just find myself getting more and more disappointed. What happened to the AMAZING film I saw in theaters?

Anyway, I didn't care for those two scenes in the movie the first time around either, but I didn't mind them as much. Now I can't stand them and they are boring, they only slow the movie down.
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