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***************SPOILERS*************** (maybe you should stop reading this thread if you havent seen the movie )

Originally posted by Mike

I wouldn't exactly say May was a psycho, she was more "emotionally disturbed."
HAHAHAHAHA. Oh dear. I'd describe a character like Donne Darko as "emotionally disturbed". May is just plain insane. I'd like to hear what you consider to be pyschopathic behaviour. For now, let's just look at Webster's definition:

A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

Hmm, I'd say that pretty much describes May perfectly. She felt no emotion at all about killing all those people, and had no sense that what she was doing was wrong, when clearly, it was.

So, I think we can safely say, that yes, May was pyscho. But is that really such a big deal? This is a horror movie after all, a genre which is often characterized by innocent people being murdered by a crazy killer.

And by the way, why do people seem to have a problem with this movie and so called "innocent" people dying, yet when it's some action movie where tons of innocent people die it's not as big of a deal? It's then considered "cool" or people say they just didn't care because they didn't "know" the character, so therefore they didn't have the chance to care about them. Well, it's not different, it's the same thing, except this is in a more "serious" movie, not some action movie.
I do not have a "problem" with this movie, or the killings. I quite enjoyed it (8/10). Like I said, I'd expect nothing else from a horror flick. I'm just perplexed by your need to justify what May did, and your feelings that these people somehow had it coming, especially Adam. His mistake was simply getting involved with the wrong chick. I mean I've heard of crazy girlfriends, but DAMN! And the guy with the cool hair on the bus bench and the girl with Adam at the end just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, what was their big crime? Yes, her circumstances were unfortunate, so she snapped and became a killer.Works for me.
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