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Oh man, I LOVE this thread, very entertaining, good jobs guys.... but anyway, I watched May tonight, from the advice of FlowrChild and I gotta agree with the girl, the first two acts were pretty good. It started as a very quirky and different character study/dark comedy, but suddenly turned into some slasher and idiotic story about wanting to be wanted.

I just don't see how you can sympathsize with somone who obviously had problems, yes... but killed the only two people who ever really noticed her and showed that they wanted to be friends and care for her. She was lonely? I've been lonely, I don't create a doll out of my friends remains. Fucking Dahmer and Gacy were lonely and just like our little May, they decided to kill a few people. I mean... it just became so campy and ridiculous. I gotta agree with everything Flowr has said and her rating...

That being said I did like Bettis and Sisto and the first two parts of the film were pretty good, but after that... kerplunk!

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