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Old 07-20-2003, 07:28 PM
what is the big deal with "MAY"

Ok for months ive been listening to people on the site talking about how good MAY is, so i was really excited to finally get it out on video tonight.It started of ok and the characters were very interesting and it had the same sort of feel to it as ONE HOUR PHOTO, but an hour in it just turned sick.Now i dont have a problem with gratuitous violence, one of my favourite films is AMERICAN PSYCHO.But what i didnt like about this film was that it didnt have a point or a conclusion or any meaning and it wasnt a popcorn horror like HALLOWEEN OR FRIDAY 13TH were you could forgive it for not having these things.AMERICAN PSHYCO was sick and ONE HOUR PHOTO was unsettling but what made these great films, was the fact that they made you think and ponder after the film was over.When MAY finished i just turned to my girlfriend and said well that was a shit ending.
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