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Well I just watched the movie tonite for the first time! I was really excited about it and when I was done watching it I had mixed feelings about it.
I kind of saw the movie as May's inner struggle to belong-at least the first half. Wanting to go on a date, have friends, contribute to society. It was a self esteem issue needing to grow. Unfortunatly, her limited friend (Susie) wasn't all there on teaching her [proper) skills. Which of course makes sense because Susie is a Doll!
So we can all safely assume, that May has severe, social and self esteem issues. The first part of the film to me dealt with overcoming them, and dealing with that.
Then we have the downfall, of a not much risin May.
Adam=the willing to please him, which freaked him out =bailed
Polly= the lover, for the moment, who wanted more than just May
I see it as she cherished these people..and err..certain parts of them she thought as beautiful. Something she wanted to keep. I too see the breaking of the Susie doll as her breakdown.
The ending to me, was May making it all come true. She wanted her new friend to look at her....SPOILERS****************

so she stabbed out her eye=i believe the bad eye that started much of this in the first place. She did die there with a smile on her face. In dying there, she had what she wanted as her (friend)? caressed her cheek.

At least this is some of my interpertation of the movie. It is now 5am here, and I should probably be sleeping. Maybe I will have more thoughts after another watch, or some sleep.
Well let me know if this makes sense to anybody else! Goodnite everyone
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