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Originally posted by stevenscotland
The ending was great? Ok let me look at it back she wants the corpse (her new friend) to see her so she stabs herself in the eye.And instead of passing out with shock her eye just falls out all by itself WOW and guess what she has still not fainted with shock and then it ends.
Well what a great ending, i mean what did all that acomplish.
Now i felt sorry for MAY in the first hour but she was disturbed and needed help and in the second half of the film i felt no sorrow for her cause she just basically flipped.
Im sorry but i just cant get excited about a film that doesnt have a point, and you are all going to reply and say it did have a point and the ending was great but i dont see you guys explaining yourself so tell me what was so great about this film.
Hey, you should put a **SPOILERS** warning there. You give away some of the ending.
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