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Originally posted by countchocula
Hmm, I thought about plenty after the film was over.
Same here!

Originally posted by Freeway
I don't know what the big deal is since all it does is basically retell Carrie with a little twist.
I personally thought it was MUCH better than Carrie.

MAY - 9/10 (A-)
Carrie - 5/10 (C-)

Originally posted by Mojo67821
I don't even really see a point in trying to explain why I liked it, or what I thought the point was, because to me it was just a beautifully disturbing character study and that WAS the point. Nothing I say will make the dissenters enjoy the film any more.

Originally posted by rtatick
Threads like this muddle everything up... You should have just added your opinion to the other "May" threads... Bad reviews can go in there too you know.

Anyways... the "big deal" with may is that the majority of viewers have really liked it. When you don't "get" why a movie is big it's a simple answer: You just didn't like it as much as most others. That's it, that's all. There's no need to argue, you just have a differing opinion.
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