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SPOILERS!!!!!! do you figure that?????

**********SPOILERS GALORE**********

I asked the composer, Jaye Barnes-Luckett, about the ending, and then I had told Movies35 about it. Anyway, while it's left open-ended and can be taken either way, one thing that's pretty much certain is that May dies.

I watched this again last week, and I noticed something I never realised before. When May stabs her eye out, it's her left eye, which was her lazy one. That makes perfect sense, since it's the one that caused her so much trouble in the first place. I can't believe I never noticed that the first time.

I also found one scene much more heartbreaking this time around. The scene in the end where May is sitting in front of the mirror crying before she stabs her eye out was really sad.

I asked composer Jaye Barnes-Luckett some questions about MAY. I will post it for anyone that is interested in reading this little interview. Beware: I'm not a journalist so don't expect some brilliant piece of work on my part .

Here ya go:

"Questions & Answers with the lovely Jaye Barnes-Luckett; The truly groovy chick behind the great music of MAY..."

: I was trying to defend May's actions in my review in the Video Reviews forum at Joblo, but it didn't really go anywhere. I know they were mostly right, yes what she did was wrong, but I still didn't really like hearing people talk about how they ended up hating her. Yeah, she did go crazy and what she did wasn't exactly "right," but I still felt bad for her. No matter what she did, I couldn't just hate her. We get to know this character for an hour, and even though she ends up killing people, I could understand how she got there and felt bad for her. I didn't want her to get locked up like some did. I don't know why, but I just didn't want her to go to jail or die. I didn't hate her. And it was really sad when she broke down in the end because "Amy" couldn't see her. Then she was sitting in front of the mirror crying. It was heartbreaking...

JAYE: Yeah, I always sympathized with May's character too, and I think most people who got what the story was feel that way. You just understand why she did what she did.

ME: I have a question about the ending:

The first time I saw it I just thought that she was moving the arm in the end. But then I've heard other people say different things. I've heard people that thought she was moving the arm, people that thought she was just imagining it, and even someone that thought she died. I watched it again tonight and this time it didn't look like she was moving the arm at all. So then she must have just been imagining it, right? She didn't really die did she? Now I really want to know what the right answer is because otherwise it will drive me nuts. Hmm, maybe I'm just an idiot and the answer is really obvious. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could explain it to me. I just know when I show friends this movie they will be confused about the ending and asking me, and I'll feel stupid if I say "I don't know what happened."

JAYE: That's probably the most popular question and I can't believe we neglected to touch on that on the commentary. What Lucky more commonly says is that he wanted to leave the ending ambiguous in such a way that the audience gets to decide what they think the reality is. *Is* May dying? *Is* Amy really alive? Is May just imagining it? No one is wrong with the guesses, by the way he deliberately left the ending, except, it's *definitely* not her moving the hand itself, physically or by telekinesis or something. Lucky slips on occassion and refers to May as "dying" but he seems to mean just in the sense of the crazed version of her dying, in that regardless of whether Amy is really alive or if May imagines it, whether May lives or dies that she finally found happiness at that moment.

ME: So there's not a single right or wrong answer for the ending? I kind of wish there was. I'm the kind of person who usually wants to know things for sure, and not have to decide what I think happened or will happen. I wish you guys had a right answer in mind, one that you personally had it intended as, but it's still up to the audience to decide. Do either you or Lucky have a certain way you interpret it? I mean, it would have to bother you not knowing for sure. Or maybe it's just me that's bothered by it. Yes, it makes the movie more powerful leaving the ending ambiguous, but I wish there was a right answer. I don't know why, but it just bothers me. I just need to know these things. Sometimes I don't mind if the movie is left open ended, but sometimes I just feel like I need to know the right answer or it will bug me.

JAYE: I see what you mean about the ending. For me personally, most of the time, I feel like Amy is really coming to life but that May is dying... and I see the hand stroking thing as kind of Amy's way of "saying hello and goodbye" at the same time; calming and soothing May and confirming that May got her wish and did have a chance to enjoy a fleeting moment of a real flesh and blood perfect friend. My second choice of explanation is that May is dying but that she is imagining the Amy thing. In both cases, I feel like it only makes sense for May to die. It still makes me feel for her and find it bittersweet because in a sense she *is* paying for her crimes, by probably bleeding to death at her own hand just as she gets a real friend, which she got as a result of her crimes. She doesn't get to enjoy it physically for long. Otherwise, you're faced with the scenario that if either May or Amy lives for longer than another few days, then the reality is that several people are dead and cops are gonna be looking for them. I don't think May's world is that fantastical that we could explain that she and Amy went off to some magical land together where they're skipping in the fields and sewing mittens together, you know? May would be thrown in a psych ward and I really don't think cops would appreciate seeing a body made of various parts, alive or otherwise. So anyway, my personal choice of ending is that May physically dies shortly after experiencing Amy's touch, she experiences true happiness for once, and maybe Amy and she meet again in some other time, place, life or whatever.

About your other question on Lucky's opinion of the ending, he never answers that question. He just leaves it at the fact that May gets what she wants, so it's a happy ending. Saying more would likely alter the feeling he wanted to leave everyone with.

ME: I know MAY will become a cult classic, and I'm hoping someday a Special Edition DVD will be released. I'm sure it wouldn't be for a long time if one is, but hopefully it will happen one of these days. I'd love to see the deleted scenes, since I'm curious to see what was cut out. I also would love to see interviews, behind the scenes stuff, pretty much anything. Extra's are great when it's for a movie you really love and care about.

JAYE: A lot of questions probably would be answered by the deleted scenes as well as the original script drafts, but there wasn't really a lot of time to be able to include everything. There was more stuff with the childhood, showing how she got to be that way. More showing her attachment to the blind kids, especially Petey. More with Blank (the punk rocker) and him understanding her isolation and turning against the "rules" of society and bonding with her (by this time, she adopted a new language, since she wasn't successful in communicating with people regularly - hinted at with Petey's "Snigglehead", and May's "Quaggledoo". May started speaking in this tongue more often and Blank started getting into it too.) They just didn't have time to shoot everything they needed for all of it to make sense, and/or just had to keep the length of the movie down in general. There's stuff that I haven't seen footage-wise yet, but I know existed because of the scripts and/or behind-the-scenes footage. *Would* be nice if that stuff was all included someday!

Thank you very much to the wonderful and talented Jaye Barnes-Luckett for answering some of my questions. I really appreciate it...


MAY debuted to $290,000 in its first week of DVD rentals. I don't know what it made on VHS, but it's probably less, since they usually make less on VHS their first week than they do on DVD.

Here's the link:
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