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I went to the video store today, and I got a crisp new MAY poster ! I'm so happy... It all started when I was talking to the awesome lady who works there (she's around 35-40), actually, she's the one that runs everything around there. She's really nice and has good taste in film. Well anyway, we got talking about movies that a lot of people don't like because they find them too "weird" and stuff. The ones that sit on the shelves and don't get much love. First we were talking about Punch-Drunk Love, and how a lot of people thought it was stupid because it was so weird. But we both thought it was great . And we talked about how a lot of people won't even try something new. If something is a little bit different then a lot of people write it off as stupid. Anyway, then I started talking about MAY and asked if she saw it. She said she didn't get the chance to yet. And I told her how great it was and stuff. She said she definitely wanted to check it out. I said that I thought it was really sad that out of the 6 DVD's they had for it, none were out. They had 4 on VHS, and those were all in too. It's really too bad that a lot of people just quickly dismiss it, thinking it's some STV horror movie. Anyway, before I left I asked her if they ever got a poster for MAY. So she said to hang on and she'd check for me. She went in the back, and when she came back out she said it was a good thing I asked now because they had a nice new crisp MAY poster. And now it's all mine . I saved it from the trash, which is what they do with the posters they don't use . I rescued the MAY poster!
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