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Final Destination 2

Cool. What else is there to say about this movie As I sit here watching this for the 4th time this week (get a life...) I think to myself that this is either one of the funnest movies to come around in a long time now, or it is one of the best examples of filmmakers realizing there is no other route to making a sequel to one of the most original horror movies of the past 5 years than to make it as tounge-in-cheek and delightfully gory as possible. Either way, I still had a good time.
On the downside, this movie didn't have some of the best dialogue in the world. For example, when the characters are in Officer Burke's apartment and the kiak comes crashing through the window, Ali Larter's character suggests that "we need to safe-proof this death trap"...sigh. Wait, does that mean they need to turn the apartment into something that isnt safe? Like a waterproof watch? I scratch my head at the thought. Mostly though, the bad dialogue comes from Ali Larter, who looks she tries oh so hard to give a good performance, and A.J. Cook, god bless her. She gives one of the more believable performances of the movie, despite the lame lines at parts. On another note, the 2 characters I felt for the most were Kat (played by the lovely Keegan Connor Tracy) and Rory (played by Jonathan Cherry.) I mean, you knew they were doomed to no end, but at the same time you couldn't help but feel a bit sad when their time came.
Story wise, this movie gets the job done, considering the only returning face was from Ali Larter. The way it connects these folks to the ones in the first movie is believable, but it seems too "bare bones"...almost like a copout to make up for the fact that they ditched Devon Sawa's character. But who was paying attention to the story, anyways? The main star of the movie here is the kickass death scenes! Come on, that opening pileup? Pleeeeease....don't tell me that you actually felt like driving home from the theater after seeing it? Gonna go down in movie-car-crash history, I tell ya. And the gore...what kind of sick mofo's wrote this? These are some of the most demented killings I have ever seen. They catch you off guard, they make sure that you see the gore. Its in your face, can't miss it, stomach churning, and laughably sick. Special effects are top notch here. My personal favorite? Well...lets just say that I will never look at airbags the same way again.
All in all, Final Destination 2 delivers. Where the first one was dark and creepy, this one is just plain nasty, laugh-out-loud-even-if-you-don't-want-to, FUN. A worthy sequel that doesn't quite get you the way the first did, but it still holds a strong place in your heart.
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