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Her reasons for killing everyone who rejected her are utter garbage . She should have just killed herself and got it over with . I know i'm supposed to feel bad for her and sympathize with her predicament , but i really have a hard time feeling sorry for some relatively healthy , seemingly intelligent , young woman who takes out her wrath on a couple of everyday slubs just because she felt they hurt her feelings . The guy gave her a chance , and she got all psychotic on him , i don't blame him for going ghost . Now he's someone i " sympathize " with . All he was trying to do was make a couple of bucks and live a nice boring life . But no , psycho bitch comes along and freaks him out . When he bolts , she goes Jeffrey Dahmer on him . He gave her a chance and SHE fucked up , not him .

Then we have the beautiful , but promiscuous lesbian lover A Farris , who never said that there relationship was exclusive . She treated her with the most respect anyone in her short , pathetic life , ever afforded her . I guess she deserved death because she's young and horny and wanted to experiment with other hot young chicks . Yes , May even pulls a Dahmer on her too . That should be a wakeup call to all current and aspiring lesbians , stick with one chick , or else feel the wrath of a " May " , or worse a " June " .

Okay , the cat could be construed as an accident , but then why does she , well you'll have to watch it to see what she does with that poor animal , and i'm not a fan of cats , but come on .

Then , why did she Dahmer the guy she met at the bus stop , who was simply looking for a bit of fun ? What did he do , breathe ? He should have held his breath the entire time he was at her apartment . Note to people looking for one time rendevous with strange women , don't do it , you never know what you're getting into , no matter how innocent they look .

And , i guess for good measure , the two people she felt came between her and her two potential lovers ( wait she was two timing too , or you can make the argument that she made the attempt , off with her head , the fucking hypocrite ) , felt her murderous wrath also . How dare the people that rejected her , find someone else to satisfy their carnal desires and move on with their life without psycho bitch . Even Farris was willing to remain " friends " with May but she wouldn't share , she had to have her all to herself .

Yeah , i felt sorry for May , i feel sorry she didn't just hang herself and spare the innocents she felt somehow made her life unbearable .

I know , i'm insensitive , not exactly , my heart simply does not bleed for murderous psychopaths , and the less there are of them the better .

And like i said before the director purposely tried to manipulate the audience into identifying with May , so as to somehow justify what she did . Sorry , but it didn't work , i'm not that gullible , and i didn't fall for the cheap tricks . It's a film with a somewhat hidden agenda , that we should feel sorry for people " driven " to murder , no , ty and loathe , but never feel sorry or symapthize with , that's how they got to that point . People feeling sorry and making excuses for them .
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