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Dellamorte - Then , why did she Dahmer the guy she met at the bus stop , who was simply looking for a bit of fun ? What did he do , breathe ? He should have held his breath the entire time he was at her apartment .
Ok, this is my take on what happened with the guy at the bus stop.


Well I thought that everything was going fine with MAY and the guy at the bus stop until he looked in her freezer. She tried to stop him, although not doing a good job but when he proceeded to tell her how he wasn't going to be her friend and how she was a freak she jes' lost it, it was IMO the final rejection that drove her to murder. Thus resulting in his death. Also keep in mind that she didn't even really mention his arms until he took off his shirt showing off his tattoo. So a hidden motive IMO wasn't really there at least it wasn't stated. She thought maybe he would be a nice friend.


At least thats what I got from that whole part of the movie.
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