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XCoryX - I've never really considered A Clockwork Orange to be a horror movie but I guess I can see your reasoning behind that...

dellamorte dellamore - While I agree with some of what you said, I don't think May murdered Polly simply because of Polly's relationship with Ambrosia. I think the reasoning was deeper and darker.

I'm not defending anything that May did, especially to Adam. Adam didn't even make a mistake...he simply broke up with her, as any sane man would after seeing your girlfriend smear your blood over her lips.

I do have to say that throughout the whole movie, I did feel sympathy for May - while she was a grown woman and ultimately made her own decisions, nobody deserves to be ridiculed throughout their childhood...that happens to everyone but to have an old pirate patch on top of that? That's hell.

<Note to people looking for one time rendevous with strange women , don't do it , you never know what you're getting into , no matter how innocent they look .>

It took this movie to make you realize that?

I think maybe you missed the point to May - or who knows, maybe I was "manipulated"
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