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Highlight{ First of all, May was not killing the people who rejected her out of vengence. She was collecting "beautiful" parts to construct a friend, essentially to replace the doll, Suzy. At this point in the movie, she's completely lost touch with reality. I'm not justifying her actions, I'm pointing out that "May" isn't some sort of revenge fantasy. Second, it seems like some people missed the coda in which May lies down beside her new friend and places her eye in its socket, which brings the contruct to life (if only in her mind). This final image sums up the simplicity of May's desire, and makes, for me anyway, an extremely poignant ending because it is a basic desire of us all. The point of the movie, beautifully encapsulated in the final frame, is to evoke the sadness of May's irreconcilable alienation.

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