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Pictures of ALL your steelbooks.

My digital camera is currently broken but I have the following movies in steelbook design...

-Planet Terror
-Death Proof.

Once I can get a new digital camera I'll post pictures of em'.
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The ones I own:

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Originally Posted by ChickFlick View Post
The ones I own:

Very impressive! Didn't know they had a Departed Steelbook
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The Departed was a Best Buy exclusive

and I did make a thread and it does list every steelbook

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- Dune (Viva Metapack)
- Ultimate Versus (3disc)
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- The Grudge 2 (Bestbuy Exclusive)
- Superman Returns (Future Shop Exclusive)
- The Departed (Bestbuy Exclusive)
- 300 (R3 with Art of 300 mini book)
- 300 (R1 Future Shop Exclusive)
- Transformers Decepticon (T.w.E.C. Exclusive)
- Transformers Autobots(T.w.E.C. Exclusive)
- Transformers Decepticon (Future Shop Exclusive)
- Transformers Autobots (Future Shop Exclusive)
- Fantastic Four (Future Shop Exclusive)
- Spiderman 3 (Future Shop Exclusive)
- X2
- X-Men 1.5 (Bestbuy Exclusive)

Steelbook Boxsets

- AppleSeed (Limited #d out of 8,000)
- Ultimate Hellsing V3 (with Anderson Figure)
- Ultimate Hellsing V2 (with Book)
- Ultimate Hellsing V1 (with Arucard Figure)
- Grindhouse Steelbooks
(Bestbuy Exlusive & T.W.E.C. Exclusive Slipcase)
Planet Terror

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Holy shit, what extras lurk in that "Versus" steelbook?
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Originally Posted by xage View Post
I need to know where you got that Planet Terror boxset.
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