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Malcolm McDowell

Although he was as wasted in Halloween(2007) as Christopher Lee was in the Star Wars prequels, like Lee, McDowell's mark on cinema was already assured.
Like many, I first heard of him because of his great work in A Clockwork Orange(I basically knew all about the film years before I was old enough to actually see it).
He played other memorable characters in films like the bizarre Caligula, the sexy Cat People(1982), and the entertaining(if uninspired)Star Trek: Generations.
McDowell also proved charming in Time After Time, and hilarious as the Wolf in Faerie Tale Theater's production of "Little Red Riding Hood."
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Definitely one of the best British actors there ever will be. His performances in 'If...' and 'A Clockwork Orange' are amazing, truly inspiring stuff.
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In an effort to make more people on this site hate me...


I'm not even familiar with his work. Just saw him in Halloween.

Well thats all for now GOoD JOURNEY my fellow schmoes.
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After being robbed at gunpoint for a Best Actor Oscar for Clockwork (rare is it that an actor puts so much forth in the name of a mere acting performance), McDowell looked poised to be one of the biggest Brit stars ever. However after the monumental disaster of Caligula (terrible movie where he still gave a brilliantly demented performance), he became relegated to character actor and b-movie star status, save for his incredible turn as H.G. Wells in Time After Time (another Oscar screwjob where his chemistry with Steenburgen was palpable). Still, one of the great Legends of all time...
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TEENKILLER...........i hate you

McDowell is not only a legend, but he shares his surname with another legend...me

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Very cool guy. Met him at a horror convention last year.
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Originally Posted by teenkiller View Post
In an effort to make more people on this site hate me...
Or the people that already hate you, hate you even more

He's awesome, his acting might not always be solid but he seems like a great guy and has been in some kickass films.

Huge YAY from me.
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