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The Silver Lining

Good things that come out of bad situations.

Recession = less traffic to and from work

WASHINGTON - Drivers are spending less time stuck in rush-hour traffic for a second straight year, the first-ever two-year decline in congestion as high gas prices and the economic downturn force many Americans to change how they commute.

In individual cities, Los Angeles traffic is getting better but is still the worst in the nation. Washington’s is getting worse, now ranking second.

The average U.S. driver languished in rush-hour traffic for 36.1 hours in 2007, down from 36.6 hours in 2006 and a peak of 37.4 hours in 2005, according to a study being released Wednesday by the Texas Transportation Institute. Total wasted fuel also edged lower for the first time, from 2.85 billion gallons in 2006 to 2.81 billion, or roughly three weeks’ worth of gas per traveler.
The rest if the story
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I still don't see an actual change on a daily basis on the freeway. LA is a terrible place to live if you're a good driver.
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While were on the subject of recession, a definite silver lining of the current economic recession is the vacation deals hotels and airlines are offering. It's because of those deals that I'm taking my first-ever trip to both Los Angeles and Las Vegas (my father is a teacher who also runs a driver's ed instruction school).
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