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your favourites??

personally i love the works of hopper
not really into abstract, i guess i'm kinda cynical

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I have been into fantasy and sci-fi art almost my whole life. I collect alot of work. Below are some of my favourite artists.

Boris Vallejo.
Frank Frazetta.
Julie Bell.
Clyde Caldwell.
Lusi Royo.
Keith Parkinson.
Bob Eggleton.
Chris Moore.
Dorian Cleavenger.
Michael Whelan.
The Hildebrandts.
Jeff Easley.

And here is an excellent art site that I have been going to for about 9- 10 years.


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Frank Frazetta
John Waterhouse
Hieronymus Bosch

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David Hockney

John Currin

Francis Bacon

John Singer Sargent

Gustav Klimt

Egon Schiele



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Edvard Munch



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Lady Version and I share quite similar taste in painters, particularly Hockney - though his recent documentary last week revealed just about zilch!

I do love me some Rothko, Pollock, Hopper, Gericault and Delacroix.

My favourite place in the world, however, is the Art Noveau section in the Musee D'orsay.
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A few artists I really like have been named liked Bosch, Magritte and Francis Bacon. I know he's not strictly a painter but I adore the work of M.C. Escher. Truly one of my favorite artists. I can stare at his stuff for hours.

Wassily Kandinsky.

I also was a fan of Van Gogh growing up.
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Some wonderful picks here. Here are my own:

Jonathan Earl Bowser

I love the theme of mythic naturalism.


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you peeps are nuts. some strange choices indeed, good job!

oh i likes whistler also

one of my favourite paintings
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I went to Portland recently where they had an Escher exhibit. It was great. I had a blast seeing some of his prints up close. Seeing Metamorphoses III in person was amazing. It's nice to really appreciate its size in person. Also seeing his designs on playing with infinity was fun. It was a privilege to see his work.

I also recently got into another artist whose work really blew me away: Henry Fuseli. Just an all around amazing painter who captures realistic looking nightmarish images. He shot right up to become a new favorite.

This last one is his most famous, which was recreated for the poster of Ken Russell's Gothic. I thought that was pretty cool.

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My inspirations:

Alan Lee

Van Gogh


"The Goldfish" aka "To all the Haters!"


John Singer Sargent

I tried to duplicate this painting one in college... I would have to live 3 lifetimes in order to get the man's technique down. A MASTER.

Romaine Brooks

John William Waterhouse

Egon Schiele

James Jean

He did the Prada 2008 ads and even had his work painted in their stores, as well as the covers for the comic series "Fables".

I know I'm forgetting more. I'll probably post the rest later.

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Boris Vallejo
Frank Frazetta
H.R. Giger
Luis Royo

Zdzisław Beksiński
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